XTT Utility Token

Address: 0x6e568e89Dc8c68ca3f6d918f30c75A081a14C06E


Trend Tokens allow users to simply hold a token on the BNB Chain meanwhile gaining exposure to a time tested and proven dual-momentum trading system. 


In addition to the convenience, freedom, and tax advantages of Trend Tokens, there are also discount and referral opportunities for holders of XTT Tokens - the utility token in the Trend Token ecosystem. 


XTT Discount

XTT Referral Program

XTT Governance

XTT Token Buybacks


XTT Discount


The XTT token providers holders discounts when buying or selling Trend Tokens, as well as using the Trend Token contract for swapping one token (e.g BNB) for another (e.g USDT).

Base Fees

Buying: 0.15% (e.g BNB → TREND5)

Selling: 0.25% (e.g TREND5 → USDT)

Swapping: 0.15% (e.g BNB → USDT)


Notes on Swapping

The main purpose of the swapping feature is to conveniently rebalance the assets in Trend Token's portfolio by removing assets it wants to sell and depositing assets it wants to buy. The off-chain trading bot updates the rewards (or fee) for depositing and redeeming portfolio assets depending on the desired positions as determined by the dual-momentum trading system.

  Table 1.0








Deposit Fee/Reward







0.15% reward

0.15% fee





0.15% reward

0.15% fee





0.10% fee

0.10 reward


  The incentive model rewards users who swap BTC or BNB for USDT. 


XTT Discount

-20% OFF (100 XTT)

-40% OFF (10,000 XTT)

-80% OFF (100,000 XTT)


The XTT Discount should be of major interest to users who plan to actively earn rewards for rebalancing the Trend Token portfolio to its desired positions.   




Let’s assume a user wants to swap BNB (deposit) for USDT (redeem). Using values from Table 1.0 we get the following.

No XTT Discount

Fee =  (0.15% base fee) + (-0.15% BNB deposit reward) + (-10% USDT redeem reward)

       = 0.15% - 0.15% - 0.10%

       = -0.10% fee

       = 0.10% reward 


80% XTT Discount

Discount base fee = 0.15% base fee * (1 - 80% XTT Discount) = 0.15% base fee * 20%

                                 = 0.03%


Fee = 0.03% Discount base fee + (-0.15% BNB deposit reward) + (-10% USDT redeem reward)

       = 0.03% - 0.15% - 0.10%

       = -0.22% fee

       = 0.22% reward


The rebalance reward increased from 0.10% to 0.22% due to the user holding 100,000 or more XTT. 


XTT Referral Program


Users who hold 100,000 XTT also have the ability to become a referrer. The referral reward only applies when buying Trend Tokens, and not selling to swapping. 


Rather than the full 0.15% fee when buying Trend Tokens going to the Trend Token portfolio, when a referral is provided then 40% of it (0.06%) goes to the referrer, 40% goes to the referral, and the remaining 20% goes into the Trend Token portfolio to increase the value of the Trend Tokens. 


Example 1)


Sam buys $100,000 worth of TREND5 and Ben’s referral address is provided upon this action. 


Base Fee = 0.15% ($150)


Referrer Reward (40% of base fee) = $60

Referral Discount (40% of base fee) = $60

Trend Token Portfolio earnings (20% of base fee) = $30


Example 2) 


Sam buys $100,000 worth of TREND 5 using Ben’s referral address. Sam also gets 40% off the base fee because he holds 10,000 to 99,999 XTT


Base Fee = 0.15% ($150)

Discounted Base Fee (40% off) = 0.09% ($90)


Referrer Reward (40% discounted base fee) = $36

Referral Reward (40% discounted base fee) = $36

Trend Token Portfolio earnings (20% discounted base fee) = $36


XTT Governance


In the future, XTT token holders will play an key role in the direction of the entire ecosystem. The admin keys which help govern all Trend Tokens, as well as managers for individual Trend Token portfolios will be completely governed by XTT Holders. 


XTT holders will be able to vote on topics such as the following:

  • Support new tokens that can be added to Trend Token portfolios
  • Supporting new Trend Token portfolios such as TREND10 (portfolio of 10 tokens)
  • Vote on functionality of future Trend Token portfolios such as allow borrowing. 
  • Set max Trend Token supply
  • Set fees for Trend Token portfolios (trading and performance fees)


XTT Token Buybacks


In the future, a percentage of fees a Trend Token portfolio earns from trading and performance fees will be used to buy back Trend Tokens and burn them, thereby decreasing the supply. 




The XTT token plays an integral role in the Trend Token ecosystem. It provides massive discounts on trading, opens up the doors to passive income from the referral program, and in the future will give the direction of the entire Trend Token ecosystem to the holders of XTT. In addition to positive tokeneconoimcs as fees will create a meaningful buying pressure.